Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Noah is 20 Months

Be aware that this may be a serious photo overload as I am so far behind! That's just life isn't it?

Noah is such a sweet little "lovey." He is developing his own opinion (and learning how to show it) but is cute and very affectionate nearly always. He is also very friendly and says "Hi" to nearly everyone. He's a charmer. :) He gives wonderful hugs and loves, loves his big brothers!

Noah loves:

  • Playing outside (he is pretty fearless on the slide and is attempting to climb the ladders.)
  • Getting into things he shouldn't (like our office supply drawer with paperclips, rubber bands, staples, etc)
  • Playing with his brothers (It's so fun having big brothers!)
  • Snacking
  • Throwing the "ba" (ball)
  • His white muslin blankets (He calls them his "B" or "Bebe")
  • Climbing on anyone laying on the floor
  • Reading books (if I sit on the couch he immediately brings me one.)
  • Coloring (lines) with markers and taking the caps on and off... repeatedly.
  • Veggie Tales "Jonah" movie
Noah dislikes:
  • Having his hair combed and washed
  • When toys are taken away from him ;)
  • Not being able to go "out-side"
He's becoming much more talkative and tries to repeat words that we say. "Hi Hi Hi" is his favorite, as well as "cook-ie." His words are really pretty clear to understand. He is now sporting 12 teeth (including 4 molars!) He loves having his teeth brushed!

Noah has the darkest (blonde) hair of the 3 boys, and as it grows longer it's becoming it's becoming curly! Looks like his first haircut might be put off awhile longer- I just LOVE the curls!

Favorite foods:

Milk and is always requesting his "Gup" (Cup)
He oddly likes carrots, tomatoes, and sweet peppers but usually won't eat bananas or strawberries. He'll chew up carrots and keep them in his mouth indefinitely.
Sweets (naturally)

This is wayyyy belated but at his 15 month well check he weighed 22 pounds 6 oz putting him in the 17th percentile for weight and was 31 inches tall putting him in the 41st percentile for height for baby boys his age.

Compare: Christian at 19 Months
Lucas at 21 Months

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